Fly Freely
by Leto

They call me vicious.

Well, I am.

So what?

If I wasn't vicious, I'd get dozens of trainers targetting me each day. The bolder, or more stupid ones go after me, but at least I'm not constantly attacked like Pidgey.

I gotta get stronger.

More vicious.

I'll evolve and then I'll be able to wipe the floor with their sorry Pokemon.

And hey? Why shouldn't I be vicious? Wanna hear a typical day?

Wake up. Stretch your wings and make the foolish mistake of flying, flying's great. You can't have wings and not fly, but when you fly, people see you. Then they send out a monster and they attack you. You either have to get away or attack the crap out of them.

It's hard when they send out the flying or electric ones. The flying ones chase you, and you can never rest from them until you've truly lost them. The electric ones never miss, and @*%$ does it hurt.

Anyway, you flutter down, tired and battered, trying to pull yourself together and recover. But if you go too close to the road, another trainer is sure to come by, think "oh, it's weak!" and take advantage on that by throwing a Pokeball at you.



But you can resist. Ya get quite good at it. Just grit your teeth - or beak - and fight it. They won't give up there, but you can get away. Ya have to.

If you go back into the bush, there's no peace there either. Wild Pokemon, like me, always trying to get stronger. Our lives are just full of fighting off trainers and fighting off each other. But at least after they beat you they don't try to take your freedom. They don't kill you either.

Anyway, after you get away from that battle, you have to try find a place to hide. You can't fly freely like a bird is supposed to.

Some day, I'm gonna fly so high that nobody will ever be able to see me, let alone catch me.

I hate humans. I will never belong to a human. Even if I'm unconscious, they will NOT pull me inside a Pokeball. Because next time I got out, I'd tear them into pieces.

I'm just a prize for them anyway. People think we're weak, but they try to catch us anyway, for the sake of 'catching 'em all'.

What's the point?

After you catch 'em all, you just get stuck with a huge pile full of Pokeballs with real, living creatures trapped inside forever.

I've heard stories, from survivors of Pokeballs. From the ones that are left inside a Pokeball and never taken out. Not to battle, not to feel the fresh air or walk the grass of their homeland or fly freely...

If their trainers ever do decide to let them go, they flee back into the fields here, and try desperately to hide. Some of them are nervous wrecks. They cringe at the slightest movement, they can't enjoy their 'freedom'. I don't blame them, but I will *never* become like that.

As soon as you stop being vicious and are just always hiding, that's when you're gonna get caught.


I was just sitting in the field, making sure that I not make the terrible mistake of flying. Flying freely will just lead to being caught, and I know that today is when new trainers will be starting out.

Then, someone throws something at me. It hits hard, and stuns me. That's not playing fair! Pokemon should battle, not humans.

I turn around and see some newbie kid. I can tell he's a newbie, because he's pointing a Pokedex at me. It's spouting some crap about how I'm very wild and vicious and such a bloodthirsty horrible beast, blah blah blah.

Whoever programmed that piece of *^#@ was obviously unfamiliar with our lives. Being a flying Pokemon that has to stop itself from flying.

But now I fly. As far as I'm concerned, this is a battle, and I *never* back away from any battles.

The kid's Pokemon hasn't moved, but I know it's an electric one and that will *really* hurt if I don't knock it out fast. Besides, who ever heard of having a battle without using your Pokemon? I'm *sure* he was going to use it from that tree where he thought I couldn't see it, so it could take me by surprise.


The kid doesn't even order his Pikachu, but it shocks me anyway, and I flutter down. My head still hurts from where the kid hit me before.

This always happens.

I open my beak and squawk in despair. No other Pokemon but Spearow would understand what I'm saying. Because I'm not saying anything, but my voice is telling everyone, telling myself, that life is not fair. We will never be able to fly freely the way we were meant to, because everyone else is against us. That is why we are vicious, because they are to us, but nobody understands, nobody bothers....

To my amazement, my squawk is answered. It is mirrored by the squawks of a dozen, two dozen, three dozen, Spearows. Their voices carry the same understanding of life as mine did. I'm not alone. And I don't have to put up with this alone.

I struggle up, flapping weakly, as the only ones I can trust, my fellow species, surround me, offering me support.

The kid and his Pokemon look horrified. Hah. Good. Situations turn, and from now on, we will NOT be victims.

We follow them, relentlessly, and I know we will not stop until they are dead or we are dead.

And we will NOT die.

After a time, when they're weakening, I think the Pikachu has the same thought as us. It will not be the victim. So it sends electricity through the rain, and it hurts more than before, because this time, I can't lose.

But I did lose.

I woke up, disspirited. But I realised that I had woken up! The air was still fresh. The Spearows around me were waking up. We had not been captured. All of us, all of us were still there.

I would be strong.

I could feel it. I would become strong, so strong, and together, we would not be the victims any more.

And then I evolved at last. It was not raining any more.

I flapped my new, strong wings, and flew freely high into the sky. I didn't care who saw me. I wanted them to see me. I wanted them to fear me. I said so.


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